Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ommwriter For PC . I find it is difficult for you PC guy out there to download OmmWriter For PC. Since OmmWriter did not finish up yet with their update on windows OmmWriter 2. I gladly provide you the OmmWriter For PC (Dana 1) the Free version.

 Here's you go Download

Learn more about OmmWriter at their website here  

You also want to check out others similar program like this. here

This is my personal suggestion, I love writing on Ommwriter. But there is other option that maybe suit you for PC guy. i prefer ZenWriter. I have the same function as Ommwriter, the best thing is.. they have a working fully functional app for windows right now at

You can download the trial version (15 Days). But it worth to purchase it. Only $9.95

Take a look! You guys gonna love it. Please leave a comment if you want some more suggestion or writing tips. Thanks!

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